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[tip]Hi, my name is Ross and I am a first time guest poster here on Gnoted. I am a web site designer / developer and run my own blog over at I am in to all things tech based and thought that today, as it is my first post, I would write about a [...]

Well, it’s about time. You no longer have to use workarounds to put images into your messages or attach images when you really want to inline them. Just turn on “Inserting images” from the Labs tab under Settings in while in Gmail inbox, and you’ll see a new toolbar icon like this:

Apple posted a Web page counting down (or actually counting up) to the one billion apps downloaded from the App Store. It’s unbelievable how fast the counter is counting the downloads. But I think this is expected and it shouldn’t be surprise because Apple iPhone sales hit 17 million last month so with so many [...]

Adobe Photoshop is great image editor. One of the best out there… Sometimes happens that you are not home and you don’t have your computer or laptop with you so there is no way to use Photoshop. But if you’ve got internet connection then this shouldn’t be a problem. There are really some great online [...]

Do you remember the post that I’ve written about Best Paid Blogging Job In The World? If you do, then you will probably like to see who was so lucky to get hired. And if you don’t know what I am talking about, click on the link above and read the post to get the [...]