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After reading some really interesting comments on the post that lists 70 Fantastic Windows 7 Tips & Tricks For Better Functionality, I decided to write a post that lists some major changes and added features in the upcoming Windows 7 Release Candidate (Windows 7 RC is coming in April) that were result of many suggestions [...]

I think there is no person on this world that uses some kind of typing and messaging that do not uses emoticons. At least once! But imagine how it would be to use those emoticons in real life. Whatever you say, you add emoticon at the end of the sentence… Unbelievable. Check this video to [...]

Have you ever wanted to make your Windows desktop cleaner and better organized and to still look better than other traditional desktops… That is nicely done in Mac OS X with OS X Dock where you can put icons that you frequently use and it really has some cool effects that make almost any desktop [...]

As you probably know, Firefox is one of the best internet browsers and I have been recommending it through many posts here on this blog and I will continue to recommend it because I really think that everyone should have an amazing internet browsing experience and that can be achieved only by using Mozilla Firefox! [...]

A huge list of the most important Windows 7 tips and tricks and a step-by-step guide that will help you apply all of them quickly and easily.

As you know, Microsoft will be releasing Windows 7 in different versions (SKU’s) that are targeted towards different types of users. Just like Windows Vista had those Premium, Business, Ultimate, etc… packages, same goes for Windows 7. But until recently, it wasn’t revealed which features will be included on each of these Windows 7 versions [...]

As soon I saw this video, I had to share it with everyone. It’s fantastic! A strange man builds a world using holographic tools for the woman he loves. This award winning short film was created by filmmaker Bruce Branit, widely known as the co-creator of ‘405‘. World Builder was shot in a single day [...]

Did you know that Twitter existed even from the beginning of the world? Even Caesar and Hitler used to tweet to their followers. Don’t believe me? Look at the images below and see for yourself. Apeman on Twitter – Prehistoric Times

This will be a blog post series about internet browsers that will cover everything you need (and don’t need) to know about most popular internet browsers. Amongst other things that will be covered are reviews, comparing browsers, tips and tricks, recommendations and more stuff. So let’s start with today’s first post in this series. I [...]