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I  really love using Gmail. It is free, fast and easy. And it is even easier when Google constantly adds more and more functionality to this great free email service. And that’s what differs Gmail from the mail applications like Microsoft’s Outlook where things change big-time but on a much longer time. But with Gmail, [...]

Amazon’s Kindle is counting it’s last days I think. Apparently Apple is going to launch an Ipod Touch (or Apple tablet as some call it) in fall 2009. Very interesting part is that the device will be much larger than iTouch or iPod and it will be some kind of combination of those. They didn’t [...]

We all know that Microsoft has had some good old times, (like when they launched Windows XP) but those times ended at the very first moment when users started to migrate from XP to Windows Vista. Everybody wanted to see what’s new in the new version of Windows and everyone was so excited. But all [...]

Last night, while I was surfing on the net, I saw some AMAZING photos taken by real artists. And the best and maybe the most important thing is that they are not edit by Photoshop or other simillar photo editing software. So I really had to share them with you and I will post them here so everyone can see them. It’s amazing how these so simple moments in life can be made in to real legends when snapped from the right angle. These are the wonder creations of photographers who use their creativity with a different angle and approach to get the result that makes a difference.

An iPhone with 60GB of storage, true 16:9 aspect ratio, slide-out keyboard, one megapixel front camera for iChat, and a high quality camera, with good lenses, optical zoom, and video capability. (too much work for Steve Jobs?)…

The LG-GD910 watch phone will support 3G which is making it so useful and cool, and that is made possible by a video camera that has been integrated into the upper watch face and it enables video recording or video conferencing. The display is built as a 1.43-inch color LCD touchscreen…