100 Windows Keyboard Shortcuts That Will Help You Work Faster

Did it happen to you sometimes, when you are in a big rush and want to do something fast on your computer but things don’t go so fast and smooth? It’s because of all those windows and applications opened on your desktop, and you want to minimize them, move them, close them and so on… That’s pretty time consuming and when you’re in such a big rush, it can be pretty depressive too.

Like sometimes you try to close that running program and it seems you can’t target that tiny “close” button in the upper right corner( no matter how unbelievable it sounds) so you need to click it few times more (It often happens to me when I’m in hurry, plus when I’m mad about something arghh… so frustrating).

But I made a list of Windows keyboard shortcuts so you can work much faster and with much more accuracy. Since I learned and applied this list of shortcuts, I had far less problems with managing tasks even when I’m in a rush. Everything goes faster and easier. It took some time and practice to learn to use these shortcuts in my daily computing but… it pays off big time believe me…

Don’t be surprised when you see how many of these you didn’t know even existed…

General keyboard shortcuts

Dialog box keyboard shortcuts

Standard Microsoft keyboard shortcuts

Accessibility keyboard shortcuts

Windows Explorer keyboard shortcuts

Shortcut keys for Character Map

After you double-click a character on the grid of characters, you can move through the grid by using the keyboard shortcuts:

Microsoft Management Console (MMC) main window

Microsoft Internet Explorer navigation

[note]That’s it! I hope you will find these shortcuts useful.

If I missed some or if you know some more windows shortcuts that would help users, please post them in comments below and I will add them to the list. [/note]

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7 Responses
  • Raj Reply

    I compiled my own version of MS Word shortcuts which is very helpful for me in transcription. Additionally, now I’m bookmarking this post to combine with that.

  • FAUZI Reply

    good post

  • Shirley Reply

    Some icon shortcuts refuse to allow a shotcut key, such as dragging the c-drive straight onto the start menu. The icon there can’t make a shortcut. That forces you to make a desktop icon first if you want a keyboard shortcut. Keyboard shortcuts you make from a shortcut icon yourself (e.g. ctrl-alt-C for the c drive) tend to refuse to work when placed on the start menu or in the” all programs” section. Sometimes they work for a while, sometimes not at all. Can you help?

    There isn’t an option to creat a shortcut on the start menu. How dumb is it to create a shortcut on the desktop, drag it to the start menu and then delete the desktop one to find the start-menu one doesn’t work because it was a shortcut to the shortcut… LOL.

  • Sunny Bhasin Reply

    Thanks for this huge list dude :) :)
    It will help me in using my comp more efficiently :) :)

  • Madav Reply


    Thanks for sharing good keyboard shortcuts.Any code for application launch from USB?

  • Nelson Sandy Reply

    I’ve tried printing these helpful tips, but it always prints in another language?? A first for me??

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